The previous directors of Brighton Marathon will not be hired by the new organisers.

Tom Naylor and Tim Hutchings were directors of Grounded Events, which told Brighton and Hove City Council that it would not be able to pay its debts.

New organisers London Marathon Events (LME), which took over Brighton Marathon on November 28, confirmed that neither of them will be employed for future Brighton Marathons.

Mr Hutchings and Mr Naylor's powers as directors of Grounded Events ceased with the appointment of adminstrator FRP.

The Argus: Tom Naylor, left, and Tim Hutchings at Brighton Marathon charity welcome party in 2010. Picture by Terry ApplinTom Naylor, left, and Tim Hutchings at Brighton Marathon charity welcome party in 2010. Picture by Terry Applin (Image: Terry Applin)

LME has stated "it is not employing either of the former Grounded Events directors to work on the Brighton Marathon".

Brighton and Hove City Council said it “always made it clear” it would not grant a licence for Grounded Events to run the 2023 marathon if it could not pay its debts.

A spokesman added that it “isn’t clear whether any of the money owed to the council by Grounded will be repaid”.

Grounded Events owes the council around £150,000. It was in around £1.2 million of debt according to its latest financial accounts published in April.

Tim Hutchings said: "In the face of challenges including Covid, Brexit and soaring costs, we made extensive and strenuous efforts over a prolonged period to stage the Brighton Marathon 2023, at the same time as trying to protect the interests of race entrants, creditors, suppliers, sponsors, charities, employees and others."


The Argus: Alix Ramsier, left, was owed £2,000 after winning this year's raceAlix Ramsier, left, was owed £2,000 after winning this year's race (Image: Simon Dack)

"After many years of hard work, and having built the Brighton Marathon into a world-class event, we are naturally devastated by what has happened.

"We very much regret that many organisations and individuals will suffer financial losses, but we are confident that the best outcome in the circumstances is for LME to have taken over the Brighton Marathon."

LME confirmed that all runners who entered and paid Grounded Events for the 2023 event will still have their places honoured.

LME said people can still book for the 2023 Brighton Marathon, although only limited places are available.

The LME will not pay the prize money still owed to the winners of the 2022 marathon.

They include winner Alix Ramsier who has not received his £2,000 prize by Grounded Events.

Brighton Marathon 2023 will now be on April 2.