Is it a bird? Is it a plane? A man has captured on film the moment he saw two “unidentified flying objects”.

Hal Harris, who lives in the Boundary Road area of Portslade, was walking home from work when he was “taken by surprise” by the illuminated flying objects.

He said: “It didn’t look like a plane, but it was travelling through the sky.

“It is worth entertaining the possibility it was beings of another world.”

The round airborne objects were seen flying above West Hove when Hal shot the video on Portland Road on Monday night.

“It appeared to be controlled. They were going quite fast, one after the other,” he said.

When Hal posted the video online, he was met with scepticism from other Facebook users.

One said: “It’s probably a Chinese lantern.”

But Hal, who works in Sainsbury's, dismissed this, saying: “It wasn’t moving in the breeze like I thought a lantern would.

“It was not something I’ve ever witnessed before, and going through my mind was the irregularity of it.

“One came up from the horizon in a diagonal path, straight upwards into the cloud. As soon as it left, another came up from the horizon.

The Argus: He saw the UFO above the EDF building on Portland RoadHe saw the UFO above the EDF building on Portland Road (Image: Hal Harris)

“People tend to forget the word ‘unidentified’ in UFO and this has not been conclusively identified.

“Like most footage of UFOs, it’s not great.”

It is not the first time Hal has had a celestial encounter. The 21-year-old recalled a similar incident above Hove Park when he was around ten years old.

He believes there is a definite chance of extra-terrestrial life. He said: “If you look at the scale of the universe there is definitely life out there. Probably bacteria growing on the edge of a platinum crystal.”