Two brothers revealed how they have imported bottles of the viral energy drink Prime from the United States.

Roni and Steven Ayoub believe they are the only people stocking the elusive beverage, which has been in huge demand with people queueing to buy it.

They claim to run the only newsagents in the city selling Prime, which was created by YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI.

The brothers are selling the drink for £12, compared with around £2 in major supermarkets such as Aldi or Asda.

However, Steven told The Argus that their stock is imported from America and is "100 per cent better".

"Everyone says 'oh, the Asda stock is £2' - but their stock is different to ours," he said.

"My margin is quite small on it because it's been imported from America it costs a lot of money."


The Argus: Maxi's Corner Store on Upper North StreetMaxi's Corner Store on Upper North Street (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Fans of Prime have been seen queueing for hours outside supermarkets to purchase the drink. 

The beverage has been flying off the shelves and bottles are being sold for more than £100 online.

Prime is now available at Maxi's Corner Store on Upper North Street and the Lodge Store near Seven Dials.

Steven said he has sold more than 1,000 bottles in the last two months and believes the "hype" will last well into 2023.

Steven added: "The main reason we're stocking it is because we've got colleges near us. 

"Students have been asking for it and we're meeting their demands by finally being able to get some stock.

"We've had so much demand. I had it up on my Uber Eats as well for £25 per bottle.

"On Christmas Day, someone bought four bottles for £100."

"I mean, I've got pallets, I've got people saying they're going to buy more and more.

"I've ordered even more pallets and hopefully it will get cheaper soon."

The Argus: Several flavours of the drink are in stock at the storesSeveral flavours of the drink are in stock at the stores (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Prime is described as a "hydration drink, filling the void where great taste meets function". 

Earlier this week, a new canned version of the beverage was launched and it has already sold out.

Roni believes he is still offering these drinks at a fair price.

He said: "People are not really sure about the price, but you can't find it anywhere else."