An American bulldog will have to wear a muzzle in public after mauling a family pet leaving him requiring yet more surgery.

Little Hugo is to undergo another lifesaving operation tonight, although the owner of an American XL bulldog that savaged him has now offered to cover vet bills.

Hugo's owner, Louise, has provided an update after the incident - first reported in The Argus - where the cavapoo was bitten on the neck and “shaken like a ragdoll”. 

Police have also issued an order meaning the American XL bulldog, which was imported to the UK at a cost of £7,000, cannot be left unattended in public at any time.

This dog, as well as another similar one belonging to the same owner, are not banned so police decided to impose safety restrictions rather than "seize and potentially destroy them".

The Argus: Tufts of hair left at the scene of the attackTufts of hair left at the scene of the attack (Image: Andrew Gardner / The Argus)

Louise told LBC's Nick Ferrari how Hugo is still in a "terrible way" and is "on the highest form of opiates you can give a dog".

She said: "Very sadly, the vet told us that Hugo has a severe infection on his neck.

"His body has rejected the dead tissue that they tried to repair his neck wound with.

"They don't want to operate again, but they are going to have to today.

"Otherwise, he's going to die of sepsis."

Hugo, two-and-a-half, has been treated at Coastway Vets, in Freshfield Way, following the incident in Brighton's Eaton Place on December 4.

Louise said that she believes that the two American XL Bulldogs, which managed to get out into the street in Eaton Place, “wanted to kill Hugo”.

She was bitten as "she used every ounce of strength" to try and save him and had to go to Royal Sussex County Hospital to receive seven stitches.

Louise believes it will be at least a month until Hugo is able to come back home.

The Argus: The dog was taken into Coastway Vets in Freshfield Way, Kemp TownThe dog was taken into Coastway Vets in Freshfield Way, Kemp Town (Image: Louise)

Sussex Police have now imposed a series of measures around the three-year-old American bulldog, described by an officer as the "aggressor" in the incident.

The order will also cover a 16-month-old female American bulldog - which belongs to the same owner.

During an interview on LBC the owner - who did not want to be named - suggested that he would cover the cost of Hugo's treatment.

The man, 50, confirmed that he has two XL American bulldogs and added that his grandchildren "feel very safe” around them.

Detective Superintendent Rachel Carr said: “We understand this was a distressing incident - not only for the victim, but for the wider community.

“An investigation was launched immediately, which included visiting the owners of the aggressor dog and carrying out a safety assessment of two animals at the address.

“As a result, the dogs’ owners have been ordered to keep them muzzled and on a lead in public and not left unattended in public at any time.

The Argus: The incident happened in Eaton PlaceThe incident happened in Eaton Place (Image: The Argus)

"Any garden areas must also be securely fenced so they are unable to escape. 

“The victim was consulted on the conditions of the community order prior to it being imposed.

“The conditions of the order have been agreed, in writing, with the owners.

“As neither of the dogs are banned breeds and have no previous history of aggression, a decision was taken to impose safety restrictions rather than seize and potentially destroy them.

"This was overseen by our force lead for dangerous dogs."