A football club has described the “unbridled bedlam” caused by the “wretched” behaviour of some supporters at its recent match.

Sussex Police had to intervene at Saturday’s game between Whitehawk FC and Littlehampton Town after it was “marred” by “homophobic abuse”, “smoke bombs”, “smashed chairs” and pitch invasions.

Whitehawk FC spoke of its frustration at such behaviour happening once again, despite the precautions put in place, slamming the “putrid”, “loutish” and “loathsome” actions of supporters seen during the match.

Littlehampton Town said there were incidents involving both sets of supporters and said it would not comment any further until it has spoken “with all the relevant parties”.

The Argus: Smoke could be seen on the pitchSmoke could be seen on the pitch (Image: Andy Schofield)

Whitehawk FC readdressed Saturday’s events in its match report.

“You join us, once again, in the Dark Ages,” the report said.

“Ahead of this afternoon the blurred memories of an August away day along the coast came flooding back.

“Behaviour beyond belief, those supporting the red shirts that slipped from The Enclosed Ground’s gates at the game’s end are utterly bemused, disturbed. 'Nobody likes us', Littlehampton Town supporters sing. And never, in all the history of this wonderful game, has something been more blazingly obvious.

“It’s difficult, this, to disassociate the game from the wretched behaviour of supporters.

The Argus: Police had to intervene at the matchPolice had to intervene at the match (Image: Andy Schofield)

“There’s a sour feeling lingering at the rear of the throat, impossible to dissolve, that stems from the result to the behaviour.

“With 20 or so minutes before kick-off, the Whitehawk supporters were standing as if soldiers rooted in a trench, listening as the oncoming enemy races towards you.

“As the horde of darkly-clad men slowly made their way to the ground the disorder ensued: smoke bombs, fireworks, flares, pitch invasions – the list is extensive, extraordinary.

“We as a football club are saddened by what befell the eyes of our own followers anticipating an afternoon of pleasure, a break from the stresses of regular life.

“It’s another dose of deja vu.

“Club statements, homophobic abuse, disorderly behaviour. With Littlehampton Town there is an expectancy now: a wild dread of the name, the town, the team.

The Argus: Whitehawk FC has described the behaviour as loutishWhitehawk FC has described the behaviour as loutish (Image: Andy Schofield)

“A reputation that is swiftly sinking with each fleeting afternoon, this was a fixture bookmarked since our last meeting, that one on the calendar that the visiting supporters were relishing for some time.

“Hear this as you journey back to your home, proud of such putrid behaviour, ardent for some ignorant glory, the old truth: love always wins.”

A Littlehampton Town spokesman said: “Littlehampton Town FC are disappointed there have been several incidents involving both sets of supporters at this afternoon's game at Whitehawk.

“We are bitterly disappointed at the use of smoke bombs and firecrackers when we have made it clear before that it is unacceptable and against the law to use them inside a football ground.”