Potholes are the bane of cyclists' lives and Cycling UK members constantly report these for repair.

In the past highways were maintained.

Often it is the same hole that is reported for repair.

Repairs are often poorly executed but sometimes are good enough to last longer than temporary.

Apart from the roads looking shoddy, repeated repairs are costly and defective roads are leading to claims being paid

for damage to vehicles - probably a fraction of the true cost.

Highway agencies report the backlog of defective roads that need mending - a ten-year programme maybe but has expenditure been agreed to reinstate the highways or will claims for broken vehicles escalate and roads go to rack and ruin?

And if you think the roads are bad, look at some of the pavements. We are encouraged walk more to save on fuel and be more healthier or do we risk tripping over?

Richard Bates

Cycling UK campaigner in Sussex