The city's famous starlings will feature in a hit BBC show. 

Brighton Palace Pier's starling population will be displayed to the nation on BBC's Winterwatch.

Megan McCubbin, who presents the seasonal spin-off of the much-loved Springwatch, will take to the water to see the starlings' murmuration from a new perspective. 

"Brighton is one of the most popular beaches in the country in summer," she said. "But in the winter, the wildlife takes over."

The Argus: Starling murmurations take place from November to MarchStarling murmurations take place from November to March (Image: Rose Jones)

Megan will mention how the nation's starlings are in quite severe decline, with their population reducing by two thirds since the 1970s. 

The city's starlings are famed for their murmurations and recently Brighton's largest ever petition declared a win for the birds

More than 118,000 people supported the historic petition, which called on Brighton and Hove City Council to ban the use of harmful chemicals on the city's downland estate.

The Argus: BBC crews were spotted filming at the Palace Pier in DecemberBBC crews were spotted filming at the Palace Pier in December (Image: Rose Jones)

Murmurations can be seen from November to March and are displays of hundreds of thousands of starlings before they go to roost.

Both Brighton Palace Pier and the West Pier have nesting starlings.

You can watch Brighton's starlings on BBC Two's Winterwatch at 8pm on Friday.

Thereafter, the show will be available on iPlayer.