Residents have described the "shocking" moment they woke up to discover racist words etched on to their cars.

Words such as "N****r" and "N**g N*g" were inscribed into the ice on car windscreens in what has been dubbed a "disgusting activity."

The Argus: The n-word was among the words scratched onto the windowThe n-word was among the words scratched onto the window (Image: Contributor)

Recent cold weather left a frosty layer of ice on many cars.

Images posted online show the racist language scratched into the ice on cars, mostly painted black, in Patcham.

A neighbour said: "Ignorance is alive and doing rather too well by the look of it. We seem to be going backwards instead of forwards."

The Argus: Several vehicles were targetedSeveral vehicles were targeted (Image: Contributor)

Another blamed modern music culture for the string of vandalism. They said: "It's vile that it’s been written, but also with all the rap music openly using the word in songs, it's giving the kids mixed messages. Ban it completely."

It is understood the markings were not reported to the police.