A film student has won a prize at the Paris Film Festival.

Samuel Jean Butler, a student at the University of Brighton, won a gold prize at the festival for his two-minute film called Pictor.

It was created as part of his coursework and tells the story of an artist who is forced to paint.

The Argus: Samuel Jean ButlerSamuel Jean Butler (Image: Samuel Jean Butler)

It also won the best experimental short film award at the Golden Lion Film Festival, along with an official nomination for the best experimental film at the Cannes Shorts Festival.

Samuel said: "For a two-minute film to have this effect and beat films 45 minutes long with huge teams of people is pretty rare.

"My ultimate goal is to win an Oscar. Not many people know you can win one for a short film, so I will be entering a qualifying festival with Pictor. 

"You never know."

The Argus: Samuel's winner certificates on a shelf at the University of BrightonSamuel's winner certificates on a shelf at the University of Brighton (Image: Samuel Jean Butler)

A critic described the short, saying: "At two minutes this must be one of the shortest films on IMDb. And one of the most powerful. I still don't know what quite hit me.

"Sometimes you see something so different at a film festival that you sit up and you make a mental note of the director's name because you might be able to say 'I saw his first film'. It was strange, different and I am not sure if it was even a film.

"When you find out it was made with zero budget, you sort of have to admire the tenacity of this film maker to get something made that makes you think."

Pictor is the shortest film ever to be listed on the IMDb platform.