IDEAS generated by computers to combat climate change will be shown off through art. 

The exhibition featuring Artificial Intelligence (AI) artworks depicting architecture coexisting with nature will visit the University of Brighton.

Visitors to the university's Centre for Contemporary Art will be able to explore an exhibition of artworks created by AI, said to "inspire solutions for a world impacted by climate change."

A spokesman for the university said: "The algorithm has developed into myriad concepts and imagery around 'green architecture' to generate its own visions of a startling world, where nature is integrated totally into the structure of urban buildings."

The Argus: The artworks depict a sustainable futureThe artworks depict a sustainable future (Image: Brighton University)

The free exhibition will be held at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Grand Parade.

Dr Poorang Piroozfar, creator of the exhibition along with Dr Eric Farr, said: "The exhibition is an urgent lobal call for reimagining a collective vision about the future of hte planet through AI.

AI uses algorithms to generate, or manipulate images based off a variety of stimulus, such as words or other images.

"Building on a range of human inputs, AI has assisted us with re-imagining visionary illustrations of the future, in which environmentally responsible architecture dominates our urban landscapes."

Dr Farr said: "Questing after a healthier, more liveable built environment, we have turned to a collective public imagination of a healthy planet." 

You can visit the exhibition between Friday, January 27 and Tuesday, February 7.