A TV star has shown his support for an "emergency demonstration" against the kidnapping of dozens of asylum-seeker children from a hotel.

Citizen Khan star Adil Ray OBE shared a poster for today's protest on his Twitter feed.

Adil posted to say "thank you people of Brighton" for organising the demonstration.

The Argus: Adil was awarded an OBE in 2016Adil was awarded an OBE in 2016

Protesters are set to descend on the Clock Tower, in Brighton to demand the Government take "urgent action" after dozens of children, staying at hotels in Brighton and Hove, were kidnapped.

A poster for the protest says: "Why have 136 children gone missing in our city? Asylum-seeking children have been going missing from Home Office-run hotels in Hove and around the country.

"We won't stand for this.

"Join us to demand the UK Government takes urgent action to give children seeking safety the protection they deserve, and stop this neglect."

Campaigners and politicians are expected to attend the protest later, which starts at 6pm.

Hove MP Peter Kyle shared his outrage at Brighton and Hove City Council and the government after dozens of children were kidnapped from a hotel in his constituency.