Brighton played a starring role in last night’s episode of The Apprentice.

The city was the stage for the BBC hit as the 14 candidates were set the challenge of purchasing nine obscure items with a link to Sussex for the best price and within the time limit.

Starting off in Brighton Pavilion the teams were faced with their list of items and began forming their strategy for the challenge.

The Argus: The candidates started out in the PavilionThe candidates started out in the Pavilion (Image: BBC)

Denisha Bharj was made project manager by Lord Alan Sugar for team Apex while Simba Rwambiwa led team Affinity.

Armed with nothing but a map, a local directory and their lists, the candidates were let loose on the streets of Brighton and Hove to find:

  1. 1kg of fresh asparagus
  2. A nautical barometer
  3. A puppet from a Punch and Judy show
  4. An ombre lace frontal
  5. 50 palourde
  6. The 1974 Eurovision winning song at 45rpm
  7. A dozen Sahara desert roses
  8. A resin life cast of a body part of a team member
  9. A Sussex trug.

The Argus: Brighton looked its bestBrighton looked its best (Image: BBC)

It took a long time for both teams to realise the 1974 Eurovision winning song was Abba’s Waterloo, which saw them clinch the title in Brighton.

Eventually, team Apex headed to Across the Tracks in Trafalgar Street.

The Argus: Rarekind RecordsRarekind Records (Image: BBC)

While Team Affinity travelled to The Trug Store in Lewes.

Brighton Body Casting in Portslade was the port of call for the body casting for team Affinity.

It was also the go to for team Apex.

The Argus: Both teams visited Brighton Body CastingBoth teams visited Brighton Body Casting (Image: BBC)

Team Apex was completely stumped by Sahara desert roses and wasted time visiting several florists.

Meanwhile the other team headed to the Park Farm Shop in Falmer for the asparagus.

The Argus: Park Farm Shop in FalmerPark Farm Shop in Falmer (Image: BBC)

In Terminus Road, Affinity secured the Eurovision winner in The Record Album.

Mark, Victoria, Megan and Marnie from Apex could be seen wandering, and getting lost, in the North Laine hunting for the troublesome trug.

The Argus: Snoopers Paradise received a visitSnoopers Paradise received a visit (Image: BBC)

They headed into Era before searching for a trug and barometer in Snoopers Paradise, where they missed out on securing the trug, despite Lord Sugar’s aide, businesswoman Baroness Karen Brady, standing right next to it.

They then tried North Laine Bazaar where they bought a barometer and a basket thinking it was a trug.

Turning up at the bazaar moments after team Apex, Affinity lost out on their barometer and eventually bought the wrong kind from the business.

The Argus: North Laine BazaarNorth Laine Bazaar (Image: BBC)

But they had better luck sourcing the Sahara desert roses, which completely stumped the other team.

Apex had trouble finding fresh asparagus after travelling all the way to Chiddingly but rushed back to buy the puppet from a seafront puppeteer.

The Argus: A puppeteer had one of his puppets takenA puppeteer had one of his puppets taken (Image: BBC)

And both teams drew a blank with the palourde.

With time almost up the two teams raced to the finish line on Brighton Pier for 6.30pm before heading back to London for a grilling in the board room.

The Argus: Brighton Pier served as the finish lineBrighton Pier served as the finish line (Image: BBC)

In the end, Affinity managed to buy six correct items.

With the fines from an incorrect item and the missing items, their total came to £452.90.

Team Apex lost with a total of £511.10 after picking up five correct items.