A 29-year-old woman died suddenly of a rare form of cancer - now her friends are raising money to keep her memory alive. 

Sarah Dixon, from Brighton, died in December. She had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called insulinoma, which is when tumours form in the pancreas.

This can cause low blood sugar, which has a range of symptoms including confusion, weakness and rapid heartbeat. 

It affects just one in two million people and is not normally fatal. 

But Sarah abruptly fell into a coma and died on Boxing Day.

Her friend Serab Levent, also from Brighton, started a fundraiser to hold a memorial for Sarah. 

It started on January 18 and took only four days to reach the £400 target. It is currently at £1,467.

Serab told The Argus: "The main thing for us now is for the memorial to be a happy thing. 

"We want it to be like our nights out with Sarah. We loved going out to Brighton pubs and seeing local bands together.

"It will be at a venue we used to go to and we will play her favourite music."

The memorial event will taken place on Friday

Any excess donations will be split between Brighton Women's Centre, where Sarah used to volunteer, and Cancer Research UK. 

Writing on the fundraising page, Serab thanked donors. 

She wrote: "We can't quite fathom that we're writing this, to be honest, but Sarah deserves the most beautiful send-off imaginable.

"Sarah was the most giving, selfless person anyone has ever had the pleasure of meeting and we want to match the unforgettable times she's given us with a memorial dedicated to honouring her existence and celebrating her 29 years on this planet.

"Nothing we do could match the joy she brought to our lives or will bring her back."