As Valentine’s Day approaches, we have compiled the loved-up road names in the county.

From Love Lane to Valentines Passage, Sussex has plenty of romantic street names.

Sussex’s most romantic street names are:

•Honeywood Road - Horsham

•Honeypot Lane - Chailey

•Lovers Walk - Henfield

•Valentines Passage - St Leonards

•Valentines Hill - Northchapel

•Flower Farm Close - Henfield

•The Rose Walk - Newhaven

•Love Lane - Rye

New research from Compare My Move revealed that England is home to the most romantic street names in the United Kingdom, with over 90 per cent.

Wales came in second for romantic road names, seeing 5.6 per cent of the count, while Scotland is home to 2.7 per cent.

The South West was crowned as the area with the most romantic road names, with 24.78 per cent of the count.

Meanwhile Yorkshire and the Humber are the least romantic when it comes to naming their roads, with only 3.10 per cent of the count.

If you want to live in the most romantic region, the average house price in the South West will cost you £373,049.

Highlights include Bleeding Heart Yard in London, Valentine Heart in Powys and if you’re not in the mood for romance then Single Hill Lane in Bath could be a favourite.