A Jewish group has condemned the daubing of a swastika on a historic Martello tower.

The Sussex Jewish Representative Council said swastikas were an "aggressive symbol" which remind the Jewish community of the "darkest days of history".

The swastika and the words "Nazi loving scum" were painted on the front of the Martello tower in Seaford.

Fiona Sharpe, spokeswoman for the group, said: "A swastika, daubed anywhere, is an aggressive symbol used to intimidate and threaten.

"For the Jewish community, it is a symbol of the darkest days of history, the emblem of the systematic murder of six million men women and children just because of their religion. 

"It should never be tolerated or excused whatever the reason for its use."

Lewes District Council condemned the “deeply offensive” graffiti and Seaford Town Council said it did "not know why someone would do this”.

Seaford Town Council is arranging full removal of the graffiti which needs to be specially removed due to the sensitive 200-year-old bricks of the Grade II* listed building.

The Argus: The graffiti pictured on Wednesday before it was jet-washed. It is due to get more cleaning to full remove itThe graffiti pictured on Wednesday before it was jet-washed. It is due to get more cleaning to full remove it (Image: Supplied)

The Martello tower has a Ukraine flag on its mast.

Alistair McNair, a councillor from Brighton who lived in Ukraine for eight years, said he was “appalled and shocked at the anti-Ukrainian graffiti” on the tower.

Russian president Vladimir Putin said last year that the purpose of the Russian invasion was to “demilitarise and denazify Ukraine”.

Cllr McNair pointed towards Ukraine’s role in the Second World War, as well as the fact its president Volodymyr Zelenskyy is Jewish and his family survived the Holocaust.

The Argus: The graffiti on Martello tower in SeafordThe graffiti on Martello tower in Seaford (Image: The Argus)

He said: “Ukraine, as part of the Soviet Union, fought bravely against the Nazi regime, millions died, and Ukrainians are rightly proud of their role in the Second World War. 

“This graffiti is particularly hurtful as it mirrors the language of Vladimir Putin who deliberately warps Ukrainian history and nationhood for his own despicable ends. 

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“Ukraine is home to thousands of Jews and other ethnic minorities who lived peaceably together before Russia invaded.  

“Ukraine is a democratic, Western-looking nation with liberal values that is desperately fighting against a Russia determined to wind history back."