A landlord who failed to maintain proper safety standards in their property has been fined £13,600.

Penalties were imposed by Brighton and Hove City Council after the landlord failed to meet three conditions of the house in multiple occupation (HMO) licence for the property in central Brighton.

The fine was made up of:

  • £8,000 for failure to provide a fire detection and alarm system
  • £4,000 for failure to construct a 30 minute fire resistant enclosure around electrical intake equipment
  • £1,600 for failure to provide a means of ventilation to the kitchen by installing a mechanical extractor fan

The council operates licensing schemes for HMOs to ensure the properties are safe and habitable for tenants.

If properties do not meet the required standards, conditions are put on the licence requiring landlords to carry out the necessary work.

Councillor David Gibson, who co-chairs the housing committee, said: “Our priority is to raise standards in more privately rented homes in the city and make sure that tenants in the sector can live in safe, healthy and well-managed homes.

“When landlords do not engage to resolve problems, we will issue fines.

“This landlord has put residents at risk by failing to maintain proper safety standards. Where landlords fail their responsibilities to their tenants, we will not hesitate to take action.”