Two dogs that were involved in a brutal attack on a cavapoo and bit his owner have been returned home just a week after being seized by police.

The dogs, American XL bullies, were given back at the end of last week.

They attacked two-year-old cavapoo Hugo in Kemp Town, Brighton, on January 4.

Hugo was rushed to the nearby Coastway Vets in Freshfield Way and had to have two operations on his neck.

He and his owner, Louise, who did not wish to be fully named, are still in recovery.

Hugo still wears a bandage on his neck and his skin is puckered with scars. Louise was bitten on the wrist and has a scar. 

The Argus: Hugo, the cavapoo, is still in recoveryHugo, the cavapoo, is still in recovery (Image: The Argus)

She and Hugo have been attending dog behaviour therapy to gain confidence around larger dogs.

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The owner of the American XL bullies, who did not wish to be named, told The Argus: “The dogs are back home and they are not banned breeds.”

He said he believed the police seized the dogs to check their breed.

“I get abuse every single day I walk out the door and I just want it to stop,” he said.

“The dogs being away, they have come back with kennel cough and my main concern now is to make sure my dogs are fit and well.

“I am sorry for what happened to the dog but I think this is going on too long and getting dragged on more than it needs to.”

The Argus: The dogs were seized on Friday, February 3The dogs were seized on Friday, February 3 (Image: The Argus)

Detective Superintendent Rachel Carr said: “Following a report of a dog being attacked by two dogs in Brighton last month, we have carried out full safety examinations, overseen by specialist officers.

“The examination required the dogs to be seized and has confirmed they are not banned breeds.

“Strict safety measures remain in place, however, including keeping the dogs muzzled, on a lead and attended to in public at all times, as well as securely enclosed at their home address.

“I understand this situation has caused concern among the community and this resolution has been decided with public safety paramount, while remaining proportionate and in line with relevant legislation.”