A TikTok star and a radio presenter teamed up to attempt the world’s highest pancake flip.

David Goodings, presenter for Capital FM in Brighton, went up in the i360 and then flipped a pancake while abseiling down the viewing tower.

Meanwhile social media star Morgan M-James tried to catch it in a frying pan from the ground below.

David said he had a “lightbulb moment” last year when flipping a pancake and decided to go one step further and attempt the extraordinary feat this year.

He said: “When I first mentioned this idea to some of my friends, they thought I was joking.

“I started looking into where the best place could be to do a challenge of this nature and the Brighton i360 was at the top of my list - an iconic landmark and a perfect location.”

The Argus: David dangled from the viewing platform of the i360 to flip a pancake down to Morgan on the ground belowDavid dangled from the viewing platform of the i360 to flip a pancake down to Morgan on the ground below (Image: David Goodings)

David abseiled down the side of the 450ft tower, frying pan in hand, with Brighton TikTok star Morgan attempting to catch the pancake from the ground below.

“I’m not usually scared of heights, but once I was up there and was on the edge, I could feel my whole body starting to shake,” David said.

David was filmed dangling in mid-air from the tower’s viewing platform as he flipped pancakes down to the ground below, with Morgan rushing around trying to catch it.

A spokeswoman for Brighton i360 said: “We had lots of fun with drive-time Capital FM presenter Dave Goodings and social media personality Morgan M-James.

“Dave was flipping pancakes while undertaking the Drop 360 experience - an abseil from the pod at full height - while Morgan and a Drop 360 instructor were on the ground attempting to catch the pancakes.

“It was a fun, light-hearted exercise that will I’m sure will raise smiles from those that watch the video.”

The Argus: Morgan M-James, left, and David Goodings at the Brighton i360Morgan M-James, left, and David Goodings at the Brighton i360 (Image: David Goodings)

The attempt was made to mark Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, where many people attempt to flip pancakes.

Pancakes are associated with the day preceding the traditional Christian fasting season of Lent, as they use up rich foods such as eggs, milk and sugar.

While often eaten with sweet fillings, such as jam, sugar, and maple syrup, they are also sometimes eaten with savoury foods, including cheese, spinach and eggs.