This is the bizarre moment a woman was seen "walking" a microwave down a residential street.

She was in Lorna Road, Hove, looking "visibly frustrated" with the microwave.

The Argus: Lorna RoadLorna Road (Image: Google)

George Kramer, from Hove, who saw the woman last Friday, said: "I heard a piercing metallic scraping noise, like two slow moving cars rubbing against each other."

George, a musician, was producing music at the time.

He said: "At first, I thought there was an error in my production so I turned everything off and was about to check my frequencies.

"I could still hear it though, and I looked out my kitchen window to see a visibly frustrated individual dragging a microwave along the road." 

He speculated that the woman's microwave had broken when attempting to reheat a "particularly tasty" meal.

"The person was storming toward some bins, so I'm assuming they launched the microwave into its final resting place with a great ferociousness," he said.

"I’d love to find out who it was and learn of the events which led to what I saw."

George's video of the woman was posted on the social media platform Reddit, where several commenters made humorous suggestions about what she was doing.

One said: "I've heard of micro pets, but this is taking the p**s." Another said: "I hope they got it from a rescue shelter."