Young climate activists are expected to walk out of lessons later this week amid concerns over climate change.

Schoolchildren will be taking part in an international day of action by protest group Fridays For Future.

They will take to the streets of Brighton and Hove on Friday, marching from The Level to Hove Lawns to demand "climate justice" and "a livable future for young people".

In a poster circulated on social media, a spokesman for the event said: "Join us in demanding climate actions locally and from the UK government, to listen to the science about the climate crisis, end fossil fuels and provide sustainable public transport.

"We will march from The Level to Hove Lawns peacefully.

"Bring sings, banners, and slogans."

The event will start at 10.15am at The Level, and there will be 45 minutes of rallying from several speakers - young and old - about their environmental concerns.

The demonstrators will then march to Hove Lawns. Delays are anticipated across the city as the activists take to the streets.

The Argus: Protest signs at a previous climate strikeProtest signs at a previous climate strike

In September 2019 thousands of children walked out of schools across the city, inspired by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Among those organising the event is Hong Konger Lance Lau. Posting on his Instagram account, he said he has been striking from school every Friday for 178 weeks. He frequently shares pictures of himself holding a cardboard sign reading "People over profit. Climate action now" in the centre of Brighton.

Fridays For Future is an international organisation led by young people which aims to "inspire millions of people to take action on the climate crisis".

Extinction Rebellion's Brighton drummers have posted online to announce they will also be at the demonstration, providing a samba-like soundtrack to the march through the streets.