Passengers at Gatwick Airport have reported significant delays after snow causes disruption across Sussex.

Snow has been seen across the county, including Haywards Heath, Ifield, Petworth, as well as the airport, with motorists facing issues on their morning commute.

One frustrated passenger at Gatwick Airport heading to Malta took to Twitter to vent his frustration and said he had been sat at the gate for more than an hour.

He said: “I’ve been sat at Gate 564 for over 90 minutes with barely any information.

“Why the hell don’t you prepare any better for a tiny amount of snow?”

The airport's departure board shows dozens of flights listed as "last call", some of which were due to depart more than two hours ago.

A spokeswoman for Gatwick Airport said there have been a few minor delays, but that normal service should be resumed later this morning.

While the airport’s runway is clear of snow, the delays have been blamed on the time it is taking to de-ice aircraft.

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The spokeswoman said: “The airport is open and flights are operating, however, there have been some minor delays this morning due to the weather.

“Passengers are advised to check their flight status with their airline and also local travel conditions before departing for the airport.”