We all love going on holiday, but when you're scared of flying, that holiday excitement can be dulled a little.

Whether you just hate the bumps of turbulence or if your fear holds you back from booking a holiday altogether, you are not alone.

The fear of flying is a very popular one, and no matter how many times people tell you, “It’s safer than driving in a car”, avoiding your worries isn’t easy.

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And ignoring them isn’t helpful either. But there are things you can do to help.

While getting over your fear entirely may not be easy, here are just some top tips to try and help you through it, so you can book your next holiday with no anxieties.

The Argus: 4 top tips to get over your fear of flying in time for your next holiday4 top tips to get over your fear of flying in time for your next holiday (Image: PA)

Top tips to get over your flying anxiety

Distract yourself

This one may be easier said than done, but when embarking on a plane journey sometimes all you need is a simple distraction to take your mind off where you are. Reading a good book? Know of a good podcast to get stuck into? Your favourite artist released an album you haven’t had time to dig into yet? Anything that can take your mind off your fear is helpful.

Think of the jelly analogy

Turbulence is something that can worsen a lot of flight anxiety. Especially when you don’t know exactly what it is. TikToker Anna Paul spoke about an analogy that went viral on the app, explaining what turbulence is and why you shouldn’t be afraid.


She explains that the air you are flying in is a pot of jelly with a piece of cotton wool acting as the plane in the middle. There’s pressure from the bottom and pressure from the top, so when there’s turbulence and you feel the plane shaking, it’s not going to fall down.

Talk to the flight attendants

If there’s anyone who can help put your mind at ease when flying, it’s the flight attendants. Trained in everything from delivering babies to keeping you safe, they’ve seen it all and can help put your mind at ease. When boarding your next flight, let them know about your anxieties and they will be there to check up on you and reassure you.

Educate yourself about flying

Knowledge is power, and the same goes for helping with your flying anxiety. Things are infinitely less scary when we know more about them. Research how planes work, how safe they are and what safety measures are in place.

The Argus:

You’ll be surprised to find how much easier it is to get on your next flight armed with the knowledge of how things work.

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