One of the country’s top Indian restaurants is hoping to open in Brighton - here's everything you need to know.

Dishoom has shot to the top of the popularity table in the culinary world, with countless posts on social media and five-star reviews aplenty.

Now the popular chain wants a piece of Britain’s coolest city.

The restaurant says it “pays homage to the Irani cafes and the food of all Bombay”.

The menu harks back to bygone years of the cuisines of Bombay, now Mumbai, while the restaurants themselves are designed to mirror different style eras from the bustling city.

In the current day, however, Dishoom is a name synonymous with quality Indian small-plates, indulgent curries, and wholesome desserts.

Diners can expect decadent dishes like the delicious Mutton Pepper Fry – mutton marinated in red chilli, ginger and garlic, cooked with black peppercorns and whole spices, or the lamb chops – marinading overnight in lime juice and warm, dark spices, ginger and garlic. A particular favourite among regular guests is the indulgent House Black Daal.

The Argus: House Black DaalHouse Black Daal (Image: Dishoom)

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Dishoom restaurants across the UK are unified in elegance, yet no two are the same.

The site in Shoreditch blends beautiful, dark wood features against an empty warehouse background, while Kensington’s venue is steeped in Art Deco chic, as was big in Bombay in the 1930s.

Soho's site deserves a special mention – oozing with class and full of golds, deep reds and burnt hues.

One online review says: “I was amazed at the ambiance which actually is recreated on the flavour of the 1960s and 1970s how the Bombay used to be.

“The food was top of the world.

“We ordered many variations of chicken, lamb, and prawns, however what stood out the most was the lamb chops. The Most soft ever I have had in UK in last six years - well cooked, tender pieces, juicy and amazing taste.”

The restaurant also has strong links to the community, having donated 15 million meals to hungry children since Ramadan 2015.

Dishoom is now hoping to open in East Street, Brighton, on the site previously occupied by Socialite restaurant and, before that, Cath Kidston. A planning application was submitted to the city council on February 22 with the consultation window until April 4.