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Whether you work in fashion design or you just love talking about it, starting a fashion-related Instagram account is sure to be successful. That's because, according to Statista, the largest demographic that uses their platform in the UK are 24-year-old women. According to Tags Finder, fashion is among the most used hashtags in the UK.

As such, there’s definitely a market for that kind of content on Instagram. However, if you just started your account or you’ve been in the game for a while and can’t seem to gain new followers, you understand just how difficult it is to create an impactful presence on Instagram.

The problem is that Instagram doesn’t promote accounts until they have a certain number of followers. Only then will they deem the account worthy enough to be promoted to a large group of people.

To get those followers, you can buy them online and break through the barrier Instagram has created.


The UK’s 7 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

The following seven websites will let you purchase followers and help build up your fashionista brand to stand out amongst other Instagram influencers in the fashion scene. Let's check them out! You can also use the below vendors to buy Instagram followers for any page… it doesn’t have to be just fashion related!


If you want quality service and reliability, check out Twicsy. This website has everything you need to start gaining followers faster than your competitors and break through the Instagram fashion sphere.

The Argus:

Buying followers from them is incredibly simple. All you need to do is visit their website, choose a follower package, and use your debit or credit card. You'll have new accounts following yours in less than 24 hours. Twicsy will not ask you to create a personal account, nor will it ever ask you for your Instagram account password, making it one of the safest, most convenient sites to buy followers from.

With Twicsy, you never have to worry about getting your account suspended for buying bot accounts, because Twicsy never gives out bot accounts. They offer real, high-quality followers with authentic profile pictures. They will also make sure that you get what you paid for each time, thanks to their complimentary refills. If, for whatever reason, the accounts you paid for get deleted, they will replace the followers you lost with new ones in 30 days.



Known as the “brand-booster” in the UK, Buzzoid is the perfect site to use if you want to start a business related to fashion. According to Digi Mind, 90% of Instagram users in the UK follow businesses or brands, so once you’ve established yourself in the Instagram algorithm, you’ll be a top brand.

Buzzoid can help you achieve just that with their amazing packages of premium Instagram followers for your account with little to no drop off. You can trust them to always be by your side and help your business account grow, thanks to their 24/7 customer support. No need to wait on hold for hours with Buzzoid. If you have a question or a problem with your order, you can contact them and they’ll reach out to you immediately.

The Argus:

Another reason why Buzzoid is a favoured site is because of how seriously they take security. Sites where customers need to input their credit card information are always targeted by hackers. Thankfully, Buzzoid uses many different website security measures to deter hackers and keep customer data safe, so you don’t have to worry about using the site.

If you’re still not convinced, you can check out Buzzoid’s website and read all the amazing reviews left by satisfied customers. Instagram influencers love Buzzoid because of their quick delivery and amazing customer service, which is why we’ve placed it as the second best site on this list.



Rushmax has a lot to offer casual and serious Instagram users alike. Regardless of the kind of content you post, Rushmax can help you boost your brand and reach wider audiences.

Rushmax does not send you fake followers that disappear after a few weeks. They offer authentic, premium Instagram followers that all look natural on your follower list. 

Using Rushmax can even help you get sponsors, which is the best way to make money on a platform like Instagram. Sponsors, especially brands related to fashion, want to see that you have an audience you can promote a product to. If they see that you have a ton of followers on your account, they might be more open to working with you.



SocialXcelerate is another fantastic website you can use to gain Instagram followers fast. They are dedicated to helping Instagram users build their brand by providing hundreds or thousands of followers in an instant. Their services are pretty simple, and they don’t offer many benefits in terms of the packages they have, but they are still a great choice for anyone that wants to see their follower count go up.


5.The Social Edge

If you want fast and efficient, The Social Edge is the site you’re looking for. They offer a lot in terms of speedy delivery and packages to choose from. They’re a great site to use if you want an easy way to gain followers faster than other accounts.


6.BuzzMaven Agency

BuzzMaven Agency has fantastic reviews from hundreds of influencers who have used their services to kickstart their careers on social media. If you want to launch a fashion brand by selling clothing, providing personalized fashion tips, or reviewing the latest fashion items, BuzzMaven Agency can help you get your content out there. Go on their website to browse their many follower packages to find out which one suits your brand the best.


7.SocialForce Marketing

SocialForce Marketing has helped hundreds of Instagram users into the UK get a spotlight on their account. If you want to be one of them, buying followers from them is incredibly easy. On their website, you can choose how many followers you want (though their options are rather limited) and buy them using the available payment methods.


Shine a Spotlight on Your Account on Instagram

Whether you want to promote your fashion business, create a stunning fashion design portfolio, or become a popular influencer, buying followers on Instagram could be a good way to get your start. Think of it like an investment in your brand, your career, and your business.

Many of the top influencers and brands started out by buying followers or have boosted their social media presence by buying followers during periods of slow growth. It could be a wise social media tactic that is heavily underutilized by many novice Instagram users.

While buying followers can make your account look interesting at a glance, you can go even deeper by using the sites listed above to their full potential. Many of them offer extra services beyond just followers for your account. On these websites, you can also buy likes, views, and comments.

Pairing these services together will not only save you money through buying them in a bundle, but they could also create more engagement on your page. This engagement helps you rank up on the platform, as Instagram views your account as a valuable source of content that people will engage with. Engagement is important to Instagram, because it’s what keeps users on the platform.

If you want to succeed on Instagram, your account should have as much engagement as possible. Buying followers (as well as other engagement services) can help you do just that.


This article was brought to you by SMM Performance and is not necessarily representative of the views of The Argus