Plans are in place to turn a town into a major contributor to the county’s economy by 2030.

Newhaven Enterprise Zone has set out a three-year programme to attract further investment into businesses in Newhaven.

A survey of business owners there revealed they wanted further improvements to the appearance of the town, together with an improved shopping and eating offer to “turbocharge” the local economy.

The core focus of the plan is to create more employment floorspace and increase the number of skilled jobs.

Corinne Day, Newhaven Enterprise Zone programme director, said: “Our vision is that by 2030, Newhaven Enterprise Zone will have been a catalyst to support sustainable economic growth and business resilience, helping to deliver a new era for Newhaven – a repurposed town centre built on creativity, a thriving business destination driven by our growth sectors and a major contributor to the Sussex regional economy.

“Our business plan sets out our mission to support growing sectors, to encourage low carbon and greener business practices and to raise the profile of Newhaven as a prime location for investment.

“We’re proud of the positive growth Newhaven Enterprise Zone has helped the town to achieve since our organisation began its important work in 2017, which has included unlocking potential development opportunities, attracting businesses to the town and creating jobs.

The Argus: Corinne Day, Newhaven Enterprise Zone programme directorCorinne Day, Newhaven Enterprise Zone programme director (Image: Newhaven Enterprise Zone)

“This has brought fresh energy to Newhaven but there is more work to be done as we support local businesses through the current economic challenges the country is facing.”

The enterprise zone will look to offer businesses support to access sites across the zone, which includes Avis Way, Eastside South, the town centre, East Quay, North Quay and Bevan Funnell.

It aims to support the revitalisation and reimagining of Newhaven town centre.



Businesses which took part in Newhaven Enterprise Zone’s business rate relief survey said they had been able to invest £20.4 million in operations, with a further £2.8 million of investment planned for 2023 as a result of the rate relief provided.

They added they had been able to create more than 600 jobs, refurbish 70,000sqm of commercial floorspace and even create 2,900sqm of new floorspace.

For more information, visit Newhaven Enterprise Zone's website.