Clothing will be optional on the Brighton i360 tomorrow during a "naked flight"

People can go nude on the attraction while taking in the city’s skyline.

The event, organised by Nothing On Events, will celebrate the company’s first anniversary and is open to anyone regardless of their clothing preference.

A spokesman for Nothing On Events said: “A very special event awaits us in Brighton on March 24 as Nothing On Events will be celebrating its first birthday experiencing the amazing views over Brighton and we’d love to have everybody join us, whether you’re a naked person or prefer to wear clothes.

“The clothing-optional nature of the evening means it can be enjoyed by anybody. It’s a fab opportunity to mix as naked people and ‘textiles’ and who knows, maybe we’ll end up with more naked people on the pod than we started with.“


Tickets for the event are open for booking whether you’re a “naked person” or not, with the 45-minute trip including a drink.

Nothing On Events organises nude meet-ups for people in a “safe, friendly environment”. The events are described as a “really positive, life-affirming experience”.

More information can be found on The Argus website.