Dora Moono Nyambe may not be the most well-known humanitarian, but her impact on the people she helps cannot be understated.

In 2020, Dora rejected a job in a first world country to move to the remote village of Mapapa in Zambia, when she had just two adopted children, whom she taught under trees. Four months later, however, she builtt her first classroo, and her site has just grown since then. 

Ms Nyambe currently has over 150 children! (Most of these children are fostered, but she has adpoted 12). Her incredible, often very dangerous work, takes young girls, and young children from being forced into child/early marriages. She then gives them a place to grow up, to learn, to laugh and to live happily.

What makes Dora's aid even more astoundimng is that she gets absolutely no government help with with her work. She funds her school and her kids childhoods purely through her amazing TikTok account (go give her a follow and some views!). Through her fascinating account you can see her incredible journey, buuilding a safe home for many girls who have been hurt by adults and need a safe space, but also for otyher vuolnerable children. 

Dora's school, which gives free education to over 350 children in the village (including all of Dora's) is a real testament and monument almost to all of her invaluable hard work. 

In total, Ms Nyambe has helped over 500 victimus of abuse and and s*xual assault. To do thi she drives of 6 hours away each week just to feed the kids. She is a truly inspirational light in this world who shows that there is still real good in humanity. Her contribution to the lives of the underpriviledged in Zambia cannot be underestimated. But she needs support. She has recently had a book called 'Under a Zambian Tree', written about her experiences so far. So anyone who can, watch her TikTok, anything like that to help her keep on looking after her 150+ children.