Brighton has been named the worst place to move to in 2023.

The analysis, by Solicitors Near Me, is based on a range of factors including house prices, mortgage affordability, crime rates, and healthcare, has exposed unexpected weaknesses in Brighton's appeal for potential residents.

Key findings from the study include:

Brighton has the highest average house price (£502,672) among the bottom five cities, with a yearly change of 5.4 per cent.

Mortgage affordability in Brighton is at a low 0.94, making it difficult for potential homebuyers to secure a mortgage.

Brighton's healthcare score is 71.76, which is lower than other cities like Reading (82.50) and Bristol (74.36).

The average council tax in Brighton is £2,119, significantly higher than London's £1,075.


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Nicholas Jervis, CEO of Solicitors Near Me, said: "This study highlights the challenges faced by Brighton in terms of housing affordability, crime rates, and access to quality healthcare. While the city has long been a popular destination for its vibrant culture and coastal attractions, our analysis indicates that prospective residents should consider these factors before making a decision to move."