Organisers say this year’s Brighton Marathon heralds a new era for the event.

London Marathon Events swooped in to save it after former organisers Grounded Events went into administration last year.

Event lead Joe Carter, who is one of the senior operations managers at London Marathon Events, said his team was excited to see the fruits of their labour as runners “hit the tarmac” on Sunday.

There was doubt as to whether the marathon would be able to go ahead this year with a tight turnaround of just 12 weeks for the team, which is also responsible for the London Marathon.

The Argus: Joe CarterJoe Carter (Image: London Marathon Events)

“To try and organise a major marathon, the third biggest in the UK, within 12 weeks has been a big challenge but one we’ve been delighted to sink our teeth into,” said Mr Carter.

“To get into the position we are in today has taken an incredible amount of hard work from the team.”

The Argus: Around 12,000 people are expected to run in the Brighton Marathon on SundayAround 12,000 people are expected to run in the Brighton Marathon on Sunday (Image: Kevin Meredith)

The weekend will begin with the mini mile at Preston Park this morning, while Sunday’s programme will begin with the 10k at 9am at Hove Lawns and the marathon at 9.45am from Preston Park.

Around 15,000 people are expected to take part in the weekend of events, with 12,000 runners set to take to the starting line for the 26.2 mile race on Sunday.

“We’re really pleased there’s still that desire and energy for people to want to take part,” said Mr Carter.

“At the end of last year, it was incredibly unlikely that the event would actually happen.

“We do see this as a new era.

“But that doesn’t mean we’re looking to come in and rip up the rule book and reinvent the wheel.

“There’s obviously going to be limitations as to what we could achieve with a 12-week lead up for the 2023 event.

“For anyone who has done this event before and knows the marathon intricately they will probably see a lot of similarities to previous years.

“Things that we’ve had to change have been minor tweaks we’ve made to improve the participant experience.”

The Argus: People running in last year's marathonPeople running in last year's marathon (Image: Kevin Meredith)

Mr Carter spoke about the company’s vision for the future of Brighton Marathon.

“Moving forward we want to release the potential in this event, which is why we stepped in to save it,” he said.

“Brighton as a city is incredibly vibrant and passionate, we see that potential, we’re excited to work with the communities, with our participants and our residents to celebrate Brighton.

“This event will be shaped around Brighton in the future.

“For this year we’re just happy we can deliver the event.

“There’s been so much hard work gone into this, we’re just so excited to see the participants hit the tarmac and enjoy what we’ve worked on.”

Mr Carter, who has been with London Marathon Events for six years, thanked people for their support and asked runners to look after each other and have a great day on Sunday.