The trans flag has been flown from the city’s town halls to celebrate the city’s trans and non-binary communities.

The flag was raised over Brighton Town Hall and Hove Town Hall to mark Trans Day of Visibility yesterday - an annual day marked internationally dedicated to celebrating transgender people and raising awareness of the discrimination they face.

Phelim Mac Cafferty, leader of the Green-led city council, said the Green Party is proud to raise the flag to celebrate trans and non-binary communities across Brighton and Hove and the country.

He said that trans people face “an increasingly hostile environment at home and abroad”.


Cllr Mac Cafferty said: “Harassment and violence against the trans community continue to increase in the UK with significant underreporting masking the real number of hate incidents.

“In the USA, anti-trans legislation is being passed in several states.

“Building on the work of our historic trans equality scrutiny work right up to our ongoing work on trans equality today, it’s important that we stand up for a fairer, kinder Brighton and Hove and society.

“As Greens, we acknowledge there’s still much work to do as we show our solidarity with our LGBTQ+ community for a fairer society.”

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Councillor Steph Powell, who co-chairs the council’s tourism, equalities, culture and communities committee, said: “As Greens, we fully support everyone’s right to take pride in their identity.

“Being seen is the first step to being acknowledged and accepted.

“Today is a day to see our trans siblings and respect them for who they are.

“Every day in the media, in the workplace, in schools and even at home, trans individuals have to shoulder the weight of conforming to expectations.

“I am proud of the work we have done to bring the Trans Inclusion Toolkit into our schools to break down barriers and expectations so that the next generation can feel comfortable in their skin and find acceptance in place of the bullying that so many are subject to.”

Hate crimes targeting transgender people more than doubled in 2021-22, with the Home Office reporting more than 4,000 cases across the UK.