The full list of candidates standing for election across Brighton and Hove has been revealed.

A total of 222 people will be vying for the city’s votes in 23 wards, from Regency to Rottingdean and from Woodingdean to Westbourne.

Across the city, Labour and the Green Party are set to field 54 candidates each.

The Conservatives, however, are not standing a full slate of candidates at the election - with just 50 people running for the party across all 23 wards.

The Liberal Democrats, who are hoping to elect their first councillor in Brighton and Hove for more than a decade, are standing their largest contingent of candidates, with 30 people running for the party across all but two of the city’s wards.

Socialist group TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) are also standing eight candidates, after condemning Labour and the Green Party for not avoiding cuts to the council’s budget earlier this year.

The Brighton and Hove Independents, a group founded by independent councillor Bridget Fishleigh, is standing nine candidates across roughly a third of the city’s wards.

Another independent group, the Friends of Brighton and Hove Party, are standing eight candidates.

The UK Independence Party are running three candidates, including the party’s former leader Patricia Mountain.

Reform UK, formed by Nigel Farage in 2019, is standing one candidate in Hangleton and Knoll.

Five independents unaffiliated with any group are also standing for election, including North Portslade councillor Peter Atkinson, who quit the Labour Party in 2021.

The Argus:

A total of 21 councillors are standing down at this election, including several former council leaders, such as Dan Yates, Nancy Platts and Mary Mears.

Voters will go to the polls on May 4 to elect the city’s councillors for the next four years.

Brunswick and Adelaide

  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Chris Woodley
  • Conservative Party: Richard Latham and Keith Sharpe
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: Dave Hall
  • Green Party: Phelim Mac Cafferty and Hannah Allbrooke
  • Labour Party: Andrei Czolak and Jill Stevens
  • Liberal Democrats: Clare Lachlan
  • TUSC: David Maples

Central Hove

  • Conservative Party: Peter Goodman and Mark Watson
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: Nigel Furness
  • Green Party: Christopher Hawtree and Helen Dixon
  • Labour Party: Emma Daniel and Joy Robinson
  • Liberal Democrats: David Sears
  • TUSC: Glenn Kelly

Coldean and Stanmer

  • Conservative Party: Roz Rawcliffe
  • Green Party: Martin Farley and Laura Pizzolo
  • Labour Party: Tobias Sheard and Mitchie Alexander
  • Liberal Democrats: Martin Wooller and Jack Moxley
  • Independent: Kate Knight
  • TUSC: Penelope Ann Iveson


  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Linda Elisha
  • Conservative Party: Edward De Souza, David Lewis and Mike Long
  • Green Party: Rebecca Duffy, Alexander Sallons and Ollie Sykes
  • Labour Party: Jackie O’Quinn, Birgit Miller and Trevor Muten
  • Liberal Democrats: Andrew England and Paul Chandler

Hangleton and Knoll

  • Conservative Party: Dawn Barnett, Nick Lewry and Tim Hodges
  • Green Party: Andrew Coleman, Sarah Fitzgerald and Nigel Tart
  • Labour Party: Amanda Grimshaw, John Hewitt and Faiza Baghoth
  • Independent: Jamie Gillespie
  • Reform UK: Ian Harris

Hanover and Elm Grove

  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Beverley Barstow
  • Conservative Party: Susan Ellerton, Kenneth Mills and Wayne Sturt
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: Laura King
  • Green Party: Steph Powell, Fiona Wright and Wai Lee
  • Labour Party: Ty Galvin, Tim Rowkins and Maureen Winder
  • Liberal Democrats: Laura Mullin and Samantha Waugh

Hollingdean and Fiveways

  • Conservative Party: Janice Bates, Peter Revell and Lesley Wilson
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: Gary Jones
  • Green Party: Sirol Hugh-Jones, Zoe John and Jamie Lloyd
  • Labour Party: Theresa Fowler, Mohammed Asaduzzaman and Bruno De Oliveira
  • Liberal Democrats: Ashley Ridley
  • TUSC: Megan Churchland
  • UK Independence Party: Daniel Goodhand


  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Alan Towler
  • Conservative Party: Josephine O’Carroll and Ewan Clinch
  • Green Party: Lynn-Ora Knott and Ben Simmonds
  • Labour Party: Gary Wilkinson and Bharti Gajar
  • Liberal Democrats: Dominique Hall and Robert Brown

Moulsecoomb and Bevendean

  • Conservative Party: Gemma Powell
  • Green Party: Frances Hunt, Anna Roberts and Ed Roberts
  • Labour Party: Amanda Evans, Ty Goddard and Jacob Taylor
  • TUSC: Julie Donovan

North Portslade

  • Conservative Party: Gary Taylor and Kirk Taylor
  • Green Party: Mike Dixon and Debbie Shipton
  • Labour Party: Lucy Halliwell and Alice Kayley-Burton
  • Liberal Democrats: Marjorie Leeds
  • Independent: Peter Atkinson
  • Independent: Anne Pissaridou

Patcham and Hollingbury

  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Paul Denyer
  • Conservative Party: Carol Theobald, Alistair McNair and Anne Meadows
  • Green Party: Sophie Broadbent, Norma Fletcher and Daniel Rue
  • Labour Party: Ben Kent, Liz Wheeler and Tyler Bennington-Poulter
  • Liberal Democrats: Caroline Brown

Preston Park

  • Conservative Party: Hugh Neale, Lisa Watson and Alex Wild
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: Jan Turner
  • Green Party: Steve Davis, Leo Littman and Kerry Pickett
  • Labour Party: Theresa Mackey, Liz Loughran and David Messent
  • Liberal Democrats: Hyder Khalil

Queen’s Park

  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Adrian Hart
  • Conservative Party: Martin Kenig
  • Green Party: Clare Rainey and Mark Strong
  • Labour Party: Tristram Burden and Chandri Mistry
  • Liberal Democrats: Thomas Osborne


  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Gary Farmer
  • Conservative Party: Timothy Catt and Robert Greenfield
  • Green Party: Chloe Goldsmith and Ricky Perrin
  • Labour Party: Peter Devonport and Alison Thomson
  • Liberal Democrats: Lawrence Parkhouse-Eke and Trevor Freeman

Rottingdean and West Saltdean

  • Brighton and Hove Independents: Bridget Fishleigh and Mark Earthey
  • Conservative Party: Daniel Harrison and Steven Smith
  • Green Party: Carol Bullock and Georgia Wrighton
  • Labour Party: Ron White and Carole McIver-Wren
  • Liberal Democrats: Caroline Ellis
  • Independent: Nigel Smith
  • TUSC: Ron Reader

Round Hill

  • Conservative Party: Tony Meadows and Clare Rogers
  • Green Party: Pete West and Raphael Hill
  • Labour Party: Most Jasmine Ara and Yassin Hassan
  • Liberal Democrats: Matthew Davies

South Portslade

  • Conservative Party: Steve Harmer-Strange and Aijuan Wang
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: Helen Dear
  • Green Party: Danny Booth and Sally Cranfield
  • Labour Party: Les Hamilton and Alan Robins
  • Liberal Democrats: Ken Rist

West Hill and North Laine

  • Conservative Party: Katherine Janio and Linda Murray
  • Green Party: Sue Shanks and Ellen McLeay
  • Labour Party: Tom Chatfield and John Cooper
  • Liberal Democrats: Robert Heale and Anthony Seymour

Westbourne and Poets’ Corner

  • Conservative Party: Michael Bates and Mark Clayton
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: James Verguson
  • Green Party: Renato Marques and Geoff Shanks
  • Labour Party: Leslie Pumm and Julie Cattell
  • Liberal Democrats: Geoff Date
  • TUSC: Dave Hill
  • UK Independence Party: Patricia Mountain

Westdene and Hove Park

  • Conservative Party: Samer Bagaeen, Emma Hogan and Ivan Lyons
  • Green Party: Steve Griffiths, Melanie Poots and Jake Sharpstone
  • Labour Party: Warren Morgan, Lundy Mackenzie and Ben Philipsborn
  • Liberal Democrats: Simon Jardine, Andrew Harrison and Carolyn Dunn

Whitehawk and Marina

  • Conservative Party: Paul Wood and Robb Young
  • Green Party: Aditi Bhonagiri and Mat Sunderland
  • Labour Party: Gill Williams and David McGregor
  • Liberal Democrats: Stewart Stone
  • TUSC: Bill North


  • Conservative Party: Ben Franks and Paul Tanner
  • Friends of Brighton and Hove Party: Georgia McKinley Fitch
  • Green Party: Guy Davidson and Sharon Hamlin
  • Labour Party: Bella Sankey and Paul Nann
  • Liberal Democrats: Stamati Crook
  • UK Independence Party: John Gartside


  • Conservative Party: Steve Bell and Dee Simson
  • Green Party: Geraldine Keenan and Luke Walker
  • Labour Party: Jacob Allen and Jacqui Simon
  • Liberal Democrats: Ian Newman