Brighton Dome could barely contain Sam Ryder’s voice as he performed for the final time on his UK tour last night.

I had major jumpsuit envy as the singer-songwriter hopped, skipped and jumped onto the stage in a sparkly number.

But it wasn't just his clothing that dazzled.

The vocals were out of this world.

The Argus: The singer-songwriter bounded onto the stageThe singer-songwriter bounded onto the stage (Image: Mike Burnell)

ABBA hits got us in the party mood as we waited for Ryder to come on stage.

This mood continued as the hour-long set swung between bops and powerful ballads.

The Argus: The Dome was packed for Ryder's performanceThe Dome was packed for Ryder's performance (Image: Mike Burnell)

Sometimes the performance turned into a bit of a cheese fest, but you don’t go to see an artist who came second in Eurovision and not expect some cheese.

Ryder is a great showman, and he performed with the same energy and enthusiasm that helped turn the tide on the UK's abysmal recent past record at the international singing competition in May 2022.

The Argus: Ryder was full of energy throughout the setRyder was full of energy throughout the set (Image: Mike Burnell)

There was a section where the 33-year-old really showed off his range with a series of Freddie Mercury-esque vocal acrobatics that he got the audience involved with – I couldn’t believe my ears, the man’s voice is incredible.

There were also moments of humour as Ryder interacted with the audience, who were joyous, buoyant and sang along to all his songs, which are from his five song EP The Sun’s Gonna Rise.

The Argus: The singer's hair was flying as he performedThe singer's hair was flying as he performed (Image: Mike Burnell)

Ryder, who rose to fame with his covers on social media platform TikTok, performed several covers including Florence and The Machine’s You’ve Got The Love and Paramore’s Misery Business, which was a massive hit with the audience.

He also did a slowed-down version of ABBA’s Waterloo to commemorate it being 49 years on April 6 since the Swedish group performed the hit at the Brighton Dome for Eurovision.

Ryder kept us waiting for the big one, Space Man, the song that saw the UK on the left side of the Eurovision leaderboard for the first time in many years and won us second place under Ukraine.

The Argus: Ruder wore the sparkliest jumpsuit I had ever seenRuder wore the sparkliest jumpsuit I had ever seen (Image: Mike Burnell)

It was a very good night.

Sam Ryder gives it his all on stage, is humble and is an exuberant showman with an unbelievable voice.