Boxer Chris Eubank broke down in tears as he told of the death of his son on television.

The former middleweight champion cried as he talked about his son Sebastian who died in 2021 aged just 29.

Sebastian, who also boxed professionally, died after suffering a heart attack while swimming in Dubai. Recalling his death, Eubank, 56, described the “ocean” of tears for his boy nearly two years after his passing.

Speaking about his son on Channel 4 TV show Scared of the Dark, Eubank, from Brighton, said: “He was everything. He was me. Poet, philosopher, lover, protector, a man of love. He was me.

“Things he did, he was magnificent. My son was, is, an inspiration and will always be an inspiration.

“The tragedy of losing a son who’s 29, imagine crying that hard, and then months later being grateful that you cried that hard for your son.


"It wasn’t one tear, it was an ocean.”

Eubank made the revelations in an episode of the new Channel 4 TV show which first aired last night.

The show involved celebrities such as Eubank, Paul Gascoigne and Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt sitting in a pitch black bunker for eight days.

Chris Eubank has five sons including professional boxer Chris Eubank Jr.