After weeks of repair works, a single lane of the A29 is finally reopening this week.

Work has been underway to progress the single lane re-opening of the A29 at Pulborough as a temporary route.

Earlier this month, West Sussex County Council’s highway contractors cleared vegetation, including cutting back branches and limbs of trees which were overhanging the highway. 

This was necessary to facilitate the installation of the concrete blocks required to partially re-open the road.

Last week, contractors installed concrete blocks on both sides of the highway along the affected area of Church Hill.

There are now 50 metres of interlinking blocks which will form a robust, protected single lane carriageway down the centre of the road.


Today, West Sussex County Council contractors are installing 100mm of surfacing to provide additional support to the positioning of the blocks.

The road will be re-opened on Tuesday, April 18 by 11am, once the morning’s peak traffic has subsided.

All vehicular traffic will be permitted to travel in both directions along Church Hill, with traffic signals controlling the direction of the flow.

The traffic signals will be manned throughout the day, particularly at peak hours, to minimise queuing traffic.