Eco-friendly affordable homes, oppose fracking and rejecting council tax charges are just some of the party’s policies in their manifesto.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) has announced eight candidates for this year’s council elections, with its overarching policy being to oppose all cuts.

The candidates are promising, upon election, to put forward for a vote to implement immediate emergency measures to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

They insist no one should be cold, hungry, or homeless, and would implement this by providing grants for those unable to pay their bills, funding kitchens in schools and using council licensing powers to cap rents.

Five of their key manifesto policies are:

Building eco-friendly homes

The party wants to use the councils’ powers to begin a mass building programme of eco-friendly, affordable council homes. This would be part of its move to tackle the housing crisis.

Opposing all cuts and closures

The TUSC rejects the claim that some cuts are necessary, and pledges to oppose all cuts and closures to council services, jobs, pay and conditions

Supporting workers

The party plans to support all workers’ with inflation-proof pay rises. It says “no” to fire and rehire.

Tackling climate change

Opposing fracking and fighting for local Climate Emergency plans are on the TUSC’s agenda.

It wants the plans to create new employment, reduce emissions and improve air quality and the local environment, all while protecting the jobs, pay and conditions of workers.

“No” to council tax rises

The party says it will reject council tax, rent and service charge increases for working-class people. It says this is necessary to make up for cuts in central funding, and it will support a redistributive revenue-raising system to finance local council services. The candidates also pledge to demand central government restores the cuts in funding it has imposed.

Brighton and Hove residents will go to the polls on Thursday, March 4, in elections for the council. Votes will be counted and announced on May 5.