The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will soon give people with specific medical conditions a specialist assessor in a bid to get people back into work

In the proposed massive shake-up to the benefits system, Minister for Disabled People Tom Pursglove MP, confirmed that later this year assessors will “take part in training to specialise in the functional impacts of specific health conditions”.

It comes after the Health and Disability White Paper was brought out, which lays out proposed reforms to the benefits system.

As part of the proposed plans, the DWP will end the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) to encourage people who need to claim benefits back into work.

If passed in Parliament, it could come into force in 2026/27.

The assessments help decide if a person is fit to work as well as their suitability for Employment Support Allowance or Universal Credit allowance.

In a written response to Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, Jonathan Ashworth MP said they will transform the benefits system for the future 'so that it focuses on what people can do rather than what they cannot'.

He added it would also allow people to access the right support at the right time and have a better overall experience when applying for, and receiving, health and disability benefits.

“The Health Transformation Programme (HTP) will enable the delivery of White Paper proposals. We will continue to invest in developing our assessors’ skills. The Specialist Assessors is one of a number of proposed initiatives we will be exploring," he said.

“This year, we will begin testing matching people’s primary health condition to a specialist assessor. As part of this, assessors will take part in training to specialise in the functional impacts of specific health conditions.”

“HTP is transforming our health assessment service carefully and incrementally. We are exploring different options and testing as we go to ensure the new service meets the needs of claimants, including the need for specialist assessors.

“All our test and learn activity will be planned and prioritised to ensure we learn the right things at the right time, to deliver the best outcomes for claimants.”