Brighton has been named the most expensive place outside of London to own a car.

Research found that the city has some of the highest average costs for petrol, insurance and parking in the UK, beaten only by the capital.

The study, conducted by insurance company A-plan, found that Brighton and Hove was more expensive than multiple other cities including Durham, Winchester and Oxford.

A spokeswoman for the insurance company said: “The burgeoning cost of living crisis has caused everyday expenses to rise exponentially, including those associated with owning a car, such as buying petrol. This has affected countless people across the nation, with many cutting back on daily costs to accommodate for this increase.


“The data shows that most of the cheapest cities to own a car are in the North, while the South may be spending a larger portion of their wages on their vehicles.”

Research found petrol prices in Brighton averaged £1.49 a litre, with parking at around £9 per hour. National averages for parking charges come in at roughly £5 per hour.

Similarly, the average car insurance prices in the city came to around £1,033 for a year.

The research also included average costs for an MOT in the cities studied.