Recently we have entered the GCSE and A-Level exam period . This article will out line some ways to make sure you are taking care of yourself to be able to get the best possible results.

The night before exams is the perfect time to go through your revision materials such as flash cards to make sure you are prepared. It is also a great time to practice self-care. Going to bed early is proven to benefit your exams. Sleep helps your process what happened to you in the day and where to store the information you learned in the day. In a German study, they found even a six minute micro-nap could help with recall. Along with a nice long sleep, you should aim to do something for yourself like watching a comforting film or lighting a candle.

On the day of the exam, you should make sure you start your day by properly fuelling your body. It is important to maintain a balanced diet throughout your exam period to aid your cognitive functions. Oats provide slow release energy to get you through the day while eggs contain a nutrient called choline which can be essential for your memory.

After an exam, all you can do is relax. Try to think about something else as you cannot change your exams result. Positive self-talk is important when it come to your mental health. Positive thinking can reduce your anxiety helping you to worry less. Another great way to rest after an exam is to play with a pet. Walking your dog can help clear your head and a cat’s purr can help with anxiety. Most importantly, rest up and do some revision so you can be successful in your next exam. Good luck!