A travel blogger says the city has become as expensive as Los Angeles and New York after she paid £12 for a glass of wine on the seafront.

Lisa Francesca Nand, host of the Big Travel Podcast, said she was in disbelief after buying the glass of red wine at Rockwater Shacks in Hove.

Rockwater defended the costs and said European price hikes are to blame.

Lisa visited the shacks next to the bar and restaurant, which sell snacks and drinks, last week with a friend.

The Argus: The Rockwater shacksThe Rockwater shacks

She said: "We bought two drinks. Wine, a pint and some crisps and it ended up costing £20.

"I didn't question this but when I told my companion they said it was a lot of money. So I asked the person working at the shack how much my wine cost.

"She said it was £12. I was so surprised."

The Argus: Lisa is the host of a top travel podcastLisa is the host of a top travel podcast (Image: Lisa Francesca Nand)

Lisa asked if she could exchange it for the £8.50 glass, which was accepted and the difference refunded. She said a staff memeber poured away the red wine and gave her a new, cheaper drink.

"It was really good and a fine house wine," she said.

Rockwater offers two red wines at its shacks at £8.50 or £12. Lisa said she "did not specify" which she wanted.

The Argus: Lisa's glass of wineLisa's glass of wine (Image: Lisa Francesca Nand)

She said: "For a 175ml plastic cup of wine served outside I thought that was really expensive. Even £6 or £7 would be costly. At Soho House, the wine is £7.50.

"I understand businesses have got to make money but I find it hard to justify this price.

"There are some really expensive cities, like New York and LA, where you might pay a price like this but you don't expect this on Hove seafront."

The Argus: Rockwater looks over the sea between the King Alfred and Hove LagoonRockwater looks over the sea between the King Alfred and Hove Lagoon (Image: Andrew Gardner)

A spokeswoman for Rockwater said: "At Rockwater, we have a wide variety of drinks to accommodate all budgets with glasses of wine from £8.

"Not all wine is the same and we offer a top-quality selection of wines by the glass and bottle. With rising prices from European and other wine-producing countries, we have worked hard to keep prices down.

"All of our prices, wine producers and grape varieties are clearly listed on our menus so people can choose accordingly."