Social media is slowly becoming a more prominent feature in our world every single day. Everyday,month,week or even hour I can almost guarantee you that you're making some sort of interaction with it in one way or another whether it be FaceTiming your friends,posting a selfie on Instagram or maybe even just watching some YouTube.Over the past few years it has had an increasing impact on people’s mental health and is continuing to do so. Here is why.


Social media draws people away from outdoor social interactions meaning that we are all becoming so attached to our phones that when we leave the house it causes a lot more anxiety and stress as you feel out of your comfort zone.In teenagers particularly it’s becoming prominent that they are losing all interactions and becoming so attached to their phones that when they are without it feels like a big deal.


Another bad thing about social media is that it can cause people to become so self conscious and make them feel as though they are not good enough because they don’t act or look the same as those we see online. We are being drawn into thinking things that are fake are real and this is having a major impact on people’s mental health. We need to stop this social media takeover and remember that we are all good enough and that there is an outside world of which we should all make use of because not everything is about technology!