Hounds of Love, is a ten 10-piece band lead by phenomenal singer Lisa Abbott that pays perfect homage to Kate Bush, and provides an electrifying performance. If a soulful and magical rendition of one of the 1980s seminal albums sounds like fun for you, this is a band that should be on your radar. 

Kate Bush, the distinctive and dynamic 80s icon experienced a sudden resurgence when her anthemic ‘Running Up That Hill’ was featured on popular Netflix series 'Stranger Things'. Bush’s eclectic and emotive sound has attracted a new legion of younger fans which has perhaps, in turn, sparked excitement in early listeners. Whether you’re a die-hard, day one fan or a new-coming enjoyer, Hounds of Love will prove an enrapturing tribute. 

In December of 2022, I attended their performance at the Brunswick and I have not since forgotten the rhapsody of the night and the magic of Lisa Abbott. The band played Kate Bush’s ‘magnum opus’, the album Hounds of Love, in its entirety along with some other favourites. 

When the band performed their first song, I almost had to double take at how perfectly Abbott replicated Bush’s unique and demanding vocals; had it been played to me out of context I wouldn’t have doubted it was Kate herself! As for the instrumentals, a band completed with strings, wind, and some groovy sound effects filled the venue with a powerful and dazzling sound. 

The audience was filled with everyone from regulars who have attended every concert to date and first-timers such as myself, but the crowd seemed to bond in excitement and strangers pulled each other into dance. Overall the atmosphere was   buzzing. At the end of the final song ‘Wuthering heights’ (a crowd favourite), the audience stood to show their appreciation for a truly extraordinary performance and after several encores, the night came to a close.

The Hounds of Love concerts are definitely worth attending; upcoming events are:                                                        -30th June at the Ropetackle, Shoreham.                                             -22nd September at Ironworks Studios, Brighton.

If you're a Kate Bush fan or just in want of a good night of music, this is a gig for you!