There are so many reasons why second-hand shopping is the best way to shop, most of these reasons personally benefit you however there are also many benefits which ripple far beyond your individual wardrobe. Whether you are unsure that second-hand shopping and levelling up your wardrobe with unique items is for you, this article intends to educate and hopefully convince you to try second-hand shopping.

1.It is more affordable and saves you money.

Buying clothes second-hand is a much more affordable way to shop, as clothes are listed nowhere near their original price, even if never/ barely worn, this is a great way to find your favourite brands at half the price.

Rather than buying new all the time, even just buying some of your fashion second-hand will save an incredible amount of money, whilst still allowing you to enjoy having new clothes.

Many people believe that the clothes in charity shops are of bad quality as they are cheaper. Truthfully, it is quite the opposite. Shopping second-hand provides buyers with the opportunity to find high-quality clothes they love without a high price tag.

Unfortunately, the reality is that most fast fashion is only worn a few times before consumers are ready to try something new. This often means that lots of these clothes end up at second-hand stores, and specialist online sites meaning you could find the latest trend barely worn selling for half the price.

2.You can find unique clothing.

A large benefit to shopping second-hand is that it provides you with many opportunities to find unique pieces that you won’t see anyone else wearing.

The majority of second-hand items for sale are completely unique, and you will not be able to find the same anywhere else. This can give your wardrobe a unique twist, from buying vintage fashion sold at low prices, or ‘last season’s fashion’ etc. Either way it allows you to follow your personal style with individuality rather than wearing the same fast fashion as everyone else.

3.It allows clothes to stay in circulation.

This is the biggest reason as to why you should buy second-hand clothing, despite it not always being the one to convince you to shop sustainably and sensibly.

The fast fashion industry is extremely wasteful according to latest research, approximately £140 million worth of clothing is sent to a landfill each year in the UK. Most of this clothing will follow the sad pathway for fast fashion, which is that it was worn a few times and then thrown away.

The time an article of clothing stays in circulation for can have a huge environmental impact, everyone can make a difference when it comes to making more sustainable fashion choices, for example, keeping clothes in use for an extra nine months can reduce their waste, water and carbon footprint by 20-30%.

Buying second-hand or simply donating your clothes is an extraordinarily effective way to extend their lifespan, this is easy and still can make a massive difference to the environment and the amount of clothes in landfills.

Those are three of the endless reasons to shop second-hand, I hope this article may have made you reconsider your fashion choices. If you want to shop sustainably there are many places where you can do so, from charity shops- where the money also goes to a good cause- to online marketplaces such as Vinted and Facebook.