Over the last few years as Worthing seems to have more empty shops than ever before and parks/streets are no longer the ‘safe’ areas they use to be in former times, I have started thinking about how Worthing could create some exciting activities for a generation being brought up on the importance of stepping away from screens and reconnecting with the outside world. So, my question for you is what would happen if we brought back the Lido’s outdoor swimming pool.

The Lido has been around for over 90 years and was always known for its popular outdoor swimming pool, installed in 1957. However, it was removed in 1989 when a concrete slab was placed on top. Currently, it is Worthing Borough Council that own the Lido, in which they spend £11,000 a year on its maintenance. Nevertheless, the Lido can be described by the public as “tired looking” “empty” and “unclean”. Its purpose often little more than somewhere to meet outside on the seafront.

This is where the reinstatement of the outdoor pool comes in, and some reasons supporting this.

Firstly, it would introduce a new and fun space for people to exercise and stay active. As well as opportunities for new activities and events such as, swim meets, water aerobics classes and swimming lessons all year round. Notably Arundel Lido is open on Christmas Day and this year saw a constant stream of hour-long bookings throughout the day. This would no doubt contribute to the further strengthening of the community in Worthing, by creating an enjoyable place for anyone of any age to partake in throughout the year.

Another advantage of adding an outdoor pool is that it would help preserve the history and legacy of the Lido. This is important as the Lido has been a part of Worthing town for almost a century, featuring in many films and music videos. Adding a swimming pool would be a great way to ensure that it remains a relevant and important part of the community for years to come.

Unfortunately, the big goal of reviving the Lido and bringing back the pool is becoming quite hard to achieve as the council would need significant external funding in order to afford this memorable attraction.

Finally, I believe that the addition of the outdoor pool would help attract new visitors to the Lido, from surrounding towns and cities and even further afield. Worthing was recently voted one of the top seaside resorts in the UK and I believe a further attraction such as this would undeniably benefit the local economy as visitors would be likely to spend money not only on food and drinks but possibly accommodation too.