A fishmongers has turned its well-known model lobster into a king prawn to mark the coronation.

La Poissonnerie in Shoreham has repainted the lobster, which is a familiar sight to motorists driving along the A259, purple and gold for the occasion.

The Argus:

The giant lobster/prawn was decorated by director Alex Partridge.

He said: "We've been calling it a king prawn for the coronation as you don't get a king lobster.

"But it definitely looks more like a lobster."

The lobster has been a trademark piece for the family-run business for many years and stands outside the entrance on the main road.

The Argus: The lobsterThe lobster (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

Alex said: "We’ve always had a lobster outside. But one day we were going to throw a broken one away and I said hang on, we can do something with this.

"So I've painted and dressed it up ever since, with my friends, as it's something nice for the community.

The Argus: The lobster is on the seafront roadThe lobster is on the seafront road (Image: Sussex News and Pictures)

"It is a great way to celebrate both community and national events, such as the jubilee and Pride.

"It's great to get away from work and have some fun." 

The king prawn has warmly received by the community with lots of people stopping to take pictures.