Only four in ten people in Brighton and Hove cast their vote at the local elections this year.

Some 83,426 voters went to the polls across the city at the election - totalling 40.8 per cent.

The figure is down from 42.7 per cent at the last local election in 2019.

Turnout was highest in Rottingdean and West Saltdean, with 51.5 per cent, and lowest in Coldean and Stanmer - where only one in five people cast their vote.

The ward, which includes campuses from both of the city’s universities, saw only 22.4 per cent of people cast their vote.

Counting of votes is now underway at the Brighton Centre, with Labour increasingly confident of securing the first majority council for 20 years.

Results are beginning to trickle in from across Sussex, with the Conservatives making some losses in Chichester to the Liberal Democrats.