Two long-serving Conservative councillors have lost their seats to Labour in the Brighton and Hove City Council local elections.

Labour's Jacob Allen and Jacqui Simon have won the seat of Woodingdean, ousting Conservative councillors Steve Bell and Dee Simson.

Steve Bell was the leader of the Conservative Group on Brighton and Hove City Council.

You can see all the latest from the count as the results are announced this afternoon on our election live blog here

  • Labour: Jacob Allen 1581 votes
  • Conservative: Steve Bell 1275 votes
  • Green: Geraldine Keenan 162 votes 
  • Lib Dem: Ian Newman 103 votes
  • Conservative: Dee Simson 1322 votes 
  • Green: Luke Walker 104 votes
  • Labour: Jacqui Simon 1551 votes

In a historic event, Brighton has elected its first-ever out transgender councillor, Raphael Hill, who was voted in alongside long-serving Green councillor Pete West as the Green councillor for Round Hill.

Labour candidates Most Ara and Yassin Hassin placed in third and fourth place, with the Conservatives placing behind the Liberal Democrats.

Although Greens won Round Hill, rumours of a rout against the Green Party by Labour are circulating, with a Labour source claiming that voters in Green-heavy wards are voting with their feet.

With rumours of recounts and possible gains, all eyes are on the battleground wards, including Central Hove, Goldsmid, Queen's Park, Hanover, Elm Grove, Hangleton and Knoll and Wish.

Overall voter turnout for the city was revealed to be 40.8%, down from 42.7% in the last election, with a full list of the breakdown between each ward not yet released by the council.

While Labour sources are confident of a good result in Brunswick and Adelaide, where current Green-led council leaders Phelim Mac Cafferty and Hannah Allbrooke reside, there is also nervousness about North Portslade, where two independent councillors who quit Labour are standing for re-election.

Results starting to trickle in from Chichester show Liberal Democrat gains, with the historically Tory ward of Fittleworth and Petworth flipping yellow, a sign that the party may be challenging the Conservatives for control of the council.

The first-ever view from the count at Brighton Centre shows that the hall is packed with candidates, local MPs, and party activists as counting of yesterday's local election votes begins.

Brighton and Hove City Council leader Phelim Mac Cafferty may have lost his seat to Labour, according to rumours.

Labour gains in solid Green city center wards are also being whispered.

The Green Party, in particular, is said to be having difficulty defending seats from Labour in Hanover and Elm Grove and to be looking to make gains in Central Hove, Goldsmid, and Queen's Park.

As results continue to come in from Brighton and Hove City Council's local elections, and with City Council leadership changes on the horizon, the future of the local political landscape remains uncertain.