The city was not to be stopped from celebrating the coronation of King Charles yesterday despite persistent rain trying to dampen the party.

Dozens of people were gathered around the big screen under the large tent in Jubilee Square while a smattering more were forced to brave the elements and peer in from outside as the venue reached capacity.

It was a similar story on the Palace Pier as just a handful turned out to watch their big screen outside while the atmosphere was electric inside Horatio’s bar with royalists loving every moment of the historic occasion.

Elsewhere, celebrations continued as various pubs were cooking up burgers and hotdogs outside in the rain as people huddled under gazebos, mustering up some good old British spirit and having a great time.

Becs Blasco, who was at a street party in Park Crescent Road, said: “We all watched the crowning while holding hands, and now we're enjoying a party in the street.

"It’s been nice to do this as part of a community. It's been a great day."

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Children in Park Crescent Road enjoyed a bouncy castle in the street while the grown-ups chatted while quaffing drinks and listening to music coming from a front window.

Taking a different approach to the traditional street party method were the residents of Fry Crescent, in Burgess Hill, who cooked all of their food in air-fryers for the occasion.

Carol Scott, one of the residents and organisers of the Fry Crescent street party, said: “It’s been months in the making, but I’m delighted that the day has finally arrived and we’re here, hosting the first fully air-frier coronation street party to help mark this significant moment in history.

“We’re known for our street parties here on Fry Crescent but we usually barbeque or bake the food we serve, so creating a menu made up entirely of food rustled up in our new air fryers has been a challenge which we’ve all relished.”

Meanwhile, punters at The Station Hotel, near Preston Park, were making the most of a break in the showers outside under the bunting by scoffing burgers cooked by the chef outside and having a kick about in the street.

But the most impressive effort The Argus saw on Saturday was curtesy of the residents of Tivoli Crescent, who came out in full force to celebrate the crowning of the king and make new friends.

"It was an excuse to get people together, it was such a nice thing for the community and a way to get to know your neighbours," said Judith Heron, who helped to organise the party.

“The weather forecast wasn’t great but we just decided to go ahead. We’ve had a good turnout, it’s been really good.”