Gravity and Other Myths: Out of Chaos at Brighton Dome last night was perhaps the strangest thing I have ever seen.

The hour-long performance, which is part of Brighton Festival’s programme of events, had incredible acrobatics, humour, odd vocals and atmospheric lighting.

It certainly lived up to its name of chaos.

To begin, torch brandishing performers came out of the seats of the theatre sweeping the beams of light across the audience before taking to the stage and talking about different things at the same time to create a wall of sound.

Ancient whispering in front of an ethereal set reminded me of the Salem witches casting their spells in a forest.

In the low light the performers began their acrobatics, although you could only see slivers of movement and brief glimpses by the beams of torchlight.

In other moments the lighting turned a warm orange and the performers marched up and down the stage bearing torches with a strange siren noise that made me think of nuclear power plant workers heading to work.

And then the acrobatics properly began.

Performers reached dizzying heights as they tumbled, tossed, turned and were flung on to each other’s shoulders.

They spun, backflipped and even did the worm in intricate routines that had the audience holding their breath.

One acrobat broke away and began speaking to the audience asking if we had any questions for her and to shout them to her as she performed.

The audience began yelling questions and the 28-year-old answered as she went from the top of a tower of humans, to the middle and then to the bottom.

During the moments where acrobats connected with the audience it felt as if we had front row seats to the performers during a rehearsal.

The performance would then snap back to the main event and there were moments of magic, as well as comedy, as the acrobats pushed themselves to the limit.

To finish, bizarrely, a woman began playing a violin before being raised into the air on a tower of several people – probably my favourite part of the show.

At the end I thought what have I just seen? It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone and was an interesting evening of entertainment.

Gravity and Other Myths: Out of Chaos will be at Brighton Dome until May 11.