The former deputy leader of the city council has spoken of her heartbreak at losing her seat by six votes.

Hannah Allbrooke was running for re-election as a Green councillor in Brunswick and Adelaide but lost out to Labour’s Jilly Stevens and Andrei Czolak.

Mr Czolak defeated Ms Allbrooke by an extremely close margin, which prompted a recount of votes last week.

In a Facebook post, Ms Allbrooke expressed her sorrow at losing her place in the Brighton and Hove City Council chamber four years after she was first elected.

She said: “I’ve had an incredible four years but I am absolutely heartbroken and in shock.

“It’s so f***ing cruel that I don’t get to continue on the incredible journey I was having.

“I gave it my everything and I’m not quite sure what is left of me with it stripped away.”

The Argus: Both Phelim Mac Cafferty and Hannah Allbrooke lost their seats in Brunswick and AdelaideBoth Phelim Mac Cafferty and Hannah Allbrooke lost their seats in Brunswick and Adelaide (Image: The Argus)

Ms Allbrooke was defeated in the ward alongside fellow Green councillor and council leader Phelim Mac Cafferty who lost his seat by 146 votes.

The pair were among eight Green councillors to be voted out by residents across the city as Labour secured its first overall majority in Brighton and Hove for two decades.

Green Zoe John lost to Labour in the new ward of Hollingdean and Fiveways. She had won her seat in Hollingdean and Stanmer in a by-election in 2021.

She said while she was “thrilled” the Green Party had gained seats nationally at the local elections she was “totally devastated that I, along with so many of my colleagues, lost theirs”.

“I loved my roles at Brighton and Hove City Council and will miss everything about them,” she said.

Former council leader Phelim Mac Cafferty has yet to comment publicly about his defeat and that of the Green Party as a whole in the city.

The Argus:

Former deputy leader Siriol Hugh-Jones, along with former Green councillors Steph Powell, Jamie Lloyd and Hannah Allbrooke have deleted their accounts on Twitter following their election defeat.

Labour won 38 council seats in the local election, winning overall control of the council for the first time in two decades.

While Bella Sankey has been announced as the new party leader and leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, a new group leader for the Green Party has yet to be decided.