Students are set to march through the streets in protest at over 100 university staff being made redundant.

University of Brighton students will demonstrate in the city next week after the institution announced that academic and support staff will lose their jobs as part of cost cutting measures.

The city’s Socialist Students Society is organising the rally at The Level where the group will then march to the university’s Moulsecoomb campus in protest at the job losses.

A spokesman for the society said: “If these cuts go ahead, modules from all courses will be lost and the exceptional work of academics will grind to a halt.

“There is already a sector wide surplus of unemployed academics due to a lack of funding for teaching and research.

“We cannot expect postgraduate and PhD students to pick up the slack left by the redundancies.

“We hope the campaign will make the senior leadership, including the vice-chancellor Debra Humphris, listen to the people spending thousands a year to attend the university and save our lecturers from redundancy.”


Last week the university announced that 110 staff members would be made redundant, citing “generationally high” inflation as a reason for financial pressures on the institution.

Members of the University and Colleges Union (UCU) have vowed to strike in response to the job losses.

A spokesman for the university previously said: “As a provider of high-quality, skills-based education, there are significant opportunities for us to continue to strengthen our position as we look to the future.

“The decade-long freeze in undergraduate tuition fees has reduced their value in real terms by around a third, while the increase in our costs as a result of generationally high levels of inflation has created further pressure.

“We recognise that this is a very difficult and concerning time for our staff and we will be doing all we can to support those colleagues impacted by these proposals.”

The student’s rally is set to take place on Monday, May 15 at The Level, beginning at 11am.